Pension Benefits

UFCW Local 88 members who have worked long enough to qualify for a pension benefit please use the information below. There are two separate pension funds and depending on when you started working determines on which one you may fall under, or you could qualify for a benefit from both. For those who started working after 1986 please contact the UFCW international pension fund. For those who worked before 1986 please contact zenith at the number provided below.

To connect to the UFCW Local 88 Pension Fund website please follow the link below.

If you began working after 1986 up to present, the above weblink will help you find your Credited years of service and earned Pension amount.

International Pension Fund (Current) 800-531-2385

For all members who worked in any UFCW Local 88 facilities prior to 1986 please call the number below.

Local 88 Pension (Zenith) in Local 88 Pre 1986 (314)344-8899