Withdraw Card

Withdrawal Card


What is it???

A withdrawal card is an outstanding opportunity for all UFCW Local 88 members who decide to step away from the job for a bit. It allows any UFCW Local 88 member in good standing to return to any UFCW Local coast to coast without having to pay another initiation fee or suspension fee in the future.

How does it work???

It is simple, when you leave your current job for any reason, just call the UFCW Local 88 office manager, Amy Armstrong, at 314-644-6328, EXT-11 and ask for your withdrawal card.

Is it worth it??

Absolutely!! We never know where life will take us or where we will end up in this crazy world. obtaining your withdrawal card and leaving UFCW Local 88 in good standing is a great way to ensure that if for some reason you find yourself becoming a member again, you will owe NOTHING!!!!